Monday, February 11, 2013

Miss Zoey

Too be young, carefree and absolutely photogenic
is just a few of the many wonderful qualities about Little Miss Zoey.
Her natural beauty and fun little personality
really shines through on camera.
I had so much fun getting creative with Zoey.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

All American Boy

For Luke's room
I have been collecting things for his room for quite some time now.
I have always loved the tin signs
and vintage items for boys room

You cant get more American that
Dairy Made Icecream
John Deer
Route 66
 DR Pepper
and the American Flag

Tins signs collected from all over
American Flag wooden from HOBBY LOBBY
Bed Sheets TJ MAXX $39
Swing Chair IKEA $49
Einstien Canvas GRODMANS $49
Large Metal Arrow --> Old Home Supply Fort Worth $75
Cream Shaggy Rug  GARDEN RIDGE $150
Bedside Lamp TARGET {wedding gift}
Grey Ottoman under keyboard TARGET $49

By the way that is Little Miss Ella looking so cute in the swing chair

Fab Find: Before & After

Today's fabulous find
came from TJ Maxx
in OKC

Chandelier $16.99

Spray paint in pink and blinged out for a girl's room
my next newborn photo prop

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Newborn Tent Photo Prop

I am so excited to bring this post you.
I was cruising pinterest for some great ideas for a few newborn shoots I have coming up.
I kept seeing the most adorable canopy and tents used for newborns.
They were just so sweet
and I sat there and thought to myself that I have so much lace fabric laying around, I can probably make one myself.

So that is exactly what I did yesterday.
On a recent shopping trip
I stopped into 
JoAnne's Fabric
and purchased 3 wooden rods that were under $1 each.
Since I had all the other materials that was the only thing I needed to buy for this project.
Step 1
Supplies you will need:
Hot Glue Gun
3 wooden rods
fabric of choice {about 1 yard or so}

Step 2
Hot Glue the 3 rods in place

Step 3
Glue one end of the ribbon to the rod

Step 4
Wrap the rods in place with the ribbon

Step 5
Wrap fabric around rods and tie in place at the top using a piece of  to match ribbon

Step 6
add flowers

You can change out the fabric options for each Newborn session to achieve a different look each time.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What is Pink with Black and White Stripes all over?

ANSWER: Abby's fabulous new room.
My sweet little girl is growing up.
She is not into sweet little Disney Princesses anymore, 
but into Zebra and Hot Pink
When I approached Abby about what she would like in her new room
she wanted zebra and pink everywhere.
Well the designer in me could not do and would not do zebra everywhere
so we settled for zebra accents.
So far her room has not cost me much
3 gallons of paint
pink, white & black
about $25 each

New zebra bedspread from TJ Maxx $50

 the fabulous flower chandelier from IKEA $50

Lamp 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby

I painted her bed pink to match her ceiling

Next ,not shown in photos, I will be re-finishing her vanity and night stand, finding a rug and a fabulous chair to do her homework in.


Buying a couch Dave Ramsey's way

My last entry I made about our

we were in the process of moving in with the in-laws and selling everything to save money to buy a new home.
Well, 6 months later we did it!
We saved our down payment 
and bought a beautiful 1947 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 living rooms brick home.
It could not have been more perfect with the city park and swimming pool right out our front yard.
After we moved in, we decided to take a trip to start furniture shopping.
Since neither one of us had bought furniture in years, we needed to find out
how much we were going to have to spend.
Well needless to say that my picky tendencies could not find a sofa that I LOVED enough to spend $2000 in cash to buy.
So we put the furniture shopping on hold because we did not have our cash saved up yet anyways.
A couple days later my Nana called us and said she had a very nice brand new leather sofa we could have for FREE!
Who would ever refuse something for free 
and it worked out great until we found the perfect furniture for our home.
After months of looking online and pinning to my pinterest board,
I finally came across the perfect sectional for our living room
at Pottery Barn.
OH I was so in love but the price tag was a bit of a heart attack at $4500
Well back to the drawing boards, there is no way I can ever pay that much for that sectional.
A few more weeks went by and now we are closer to the present day.
I decided to take a shopping trip to Fort Worth, Texas.
I had not had much luck online or in OKC
I took a chance, the trailer and my sofa envelope with my cash.
I was only going to allow myself to spend $1200 to $2000 for a new sofa sectional.
My mother came along for moral support.
We shopped all day.
I described to her what my dream couch from Pottery Barn looked liked.
As I was telling her my story, we walked into
Ashley Furniture.
And right in the front door was my dream sofa beaming in the sunlight.
I looked at the price tag and it said $1867.
My mom and I couldn't believe it!
I grabbed the first sales lady and told her this is the couch I am going to buy today
and I have to take it home right now.
BAD NEWS! The sales lady said we have to order it and it will take two weeks before I can pick it up.
I said, Well that is not going to happen. I cant drive another 6 hours back here to pick it up.
My dream was crushed again.
Before I headed out the door something made me turn back and said to myself, I wont take NO for an answer.
I went back to the sales lady and said, "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS COUCH!" 
She said "Let me see what I can do"
10 minutes went by 
She came back saying
"There is a store in North Richland Hills that is closing down. They have the floor model you want and can walk away with it today if you hurry over there."
Here comes the best part!
She said "The sectional has a closeout price of $900"
OMG! Are you kidding me!
Not only can I take the couch home today but I get it for 1/2 off!
My mom and I rush over to the next store and there it was,
the exact couch I have dreamed about for months
I handed the guy my $900 and they loaded my couch onto the trailer.

Moral of the Story
Dave Ramsey your the Man!
What you had taught me and my husband on how to spend our money wisely has just paid off in a huge way. I was able to put back into savings the $1100 I saved on my couch.

I could have been like every other American and financed furniture right after we bought our house. Instead, we bought our home, the Dave Ramsey way, lived in our home for 6 months with no furniture while we saved our couch money in the Dave Ramsey envelopes. Then when it was time to buy, I found the bargain of a lifetime!

Here is a photo of my $900 dream sectional couch