Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours

Another year has come and gone almost.
This year has been such a wonderful year.
It has definitely had it ups and downs.
We are now expecting baby #4
and so looking forward to what this next year has in store for us.
I could not have asked for a more wonderful, humorous, loving and caring family.
If I have not said it enough,
and every single one of you
light up my life.

Jolly Surprises
A tree shining bright
Mistletoe kisses
A home filled with light
Hearts that are merry
A time of good cheer
Wishing all of this and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours.

A small story behind our wardrobe.
My mother wanted photos of the children in red long johns.
She thought it was going to be so cute for Christmas cards.
Well we took it one step further and surprised her 
with Ugly Christmas Sweaters and put the hubbies in long johns too.
She was so thrilled to have a photo of all of us.
Who wants a normal Christmas card anyways LOL ???

Friday, December 6, 2013

DIY Glittery Cake Stand

How I came across this brown wood and plastic cake stand???????
Well I would not have picked this out for myself but ended up with it somehow.
And if you know me, I cant just throw something away, so I made the best of it.
This is for my youngest daughter's future kitchen that I am in the process of designing and making.

This cake stand did not cost me a thing because I just rounded up all the stuff I already had in my craft closet.

Water down the rest of your Mod Podge to a milk consistency.

Just a little special touch from MOM

The fabulous cake was made by

How To: Chalk Board Dining Table

The moment I decided to paint my dining room table with chalk board paint was the very moment I looked up at the TV and saw the Target Christmas commercial. They had a family sitting around a dining table painted with chalkboard paint.
The kids and I were sitting for dinner one night watching Wheel of Fortune (my hubby works the night shift), I look down at my table and gaze over all the scribbles my littlest had made. I start to brainstorm and think to myself what if we could all sit here and scribble on the table while we eat dinner.
Then it hit me that I had a can of chalkboard paint. As I am doodling my idea, that is when the Target commercial came on with my idea. I knew it was a sign and just had to do it!

Supplies used
Paint brush
paint roller
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (pure white)
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (florence)
Annie Sloan Dark Wax
Krylon Chalkboard paint
sand paper

1. Take apart table
2. Wash off any dirt and dust
3. Paint Legs (Annie Sloan Chalk paint- Florence) there is no need for sanding or priming
4. I had painted the table originally with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Pure White before I decided to do the chalkboard paint. I had antiqued the table with Annie Sloan Dark Wax
5&6 photos of the before
7. Sand down the wax off the table
8. Clean table of dust
9. Paint a thin layer of chalkboard paint.
10. Let dry for 30 minutes or so.
11. Use a roller to paint on second coat of chalkboard paint so you dont have any brush marks
12. I added my leaf to the table
13. Repeat steps 7-11
14. Let dry for 24 hours
15. Take your vinyl placemats and do a rough placement
16. Peel off back and stick on table, carefully.
17. Huckleberry Creations were so very kind to do a complete custom placemat order.
18. Finished! All placemats with their flatware

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Garage Sale Finds Refurbished into Little Girl's Dream Kitchen for Under $20

What to do with those garage sale finds
cluttering up your garage?

The hubby had been bugging me about cleaning out our shed and getting rid of stuff for quite sometime.
He just doesnt understand my method of creativity.
All that "stuff" is my most prized possessions
that I found in other people's garages.

Well to make him happy, I got to work.
All this great stuff can make something spectacular.

How about an Artful Kitchen for some precious Little Girl
to create a beautiful tea party
or store all her art supplies.

I fell in LOVE with this piece
and it found a wonderful home when I was finished
instead of the musty old garage 

Introducing Sweet Baby D - newborn photography

Such a sweet face.
I am so happy to snuggle beautiful newborns just like this one.
With those cheeks and the cutest baby rolls, she makes your teeth hurt with all that sweetness melting through the photos.
Baby D came to me to model all the gorgeous hats by Crochet D Lane.
And wasn't she just the perfect model.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Boy Blue - newborn photography

What a dream it is to photograph newborns.
This handsome fellow
was just too much.
I could have photographed him for days.
He is wearing just the sweetest outfit by my dear friend at


How I learned to do photography? by ME {The Amateur Beginner Photographer}

I have been asked a couple of times how I learned to take photos
and my go to answer is always Pinterest.
If it wasnt for Pinterest I would probably not be where I am today
as far as blogging, photography and crafting.
That place is so inspiring.
It is like going to college and taking classes with out all the tuition.

By no means do I call myself a professional anything.
I always have such a hard time comparing myself to others.
Which is something I am working on a great deal.
I just see so many brilliant people on
Pinterest and think to myself, "How did they get to that level?"

Tonight I thought I would share with you some of the places
 that I thought were the most insightful for me.
Most of the time, I study a photo and just try to figure out 
what it is that makes me love it so much.
Is it the light? The pose? The location? The props? How they edited the photo?
And I just try to practice it as much as I can.
I fail about 80% of the time but I just keep going until something clicks together.

Ok so here we go.
My favorite photography reads
You can also visit my Photography board on Pinterest to get 100s of other ideas too.

1. Crave Photography
Learn How to edit Photos with her mentoring classes

2. Florabella Actions
Make your photos dramatic and dreamy

Has just about everything you need to know

4. Michelle Moore Blog
How to get good skin tones

5.  iheartfaces.com
Lots of Photography Tutorials

6. Amanda Holloway
The most amazing poses

7. Cherie Phelps
Posing, Lighting and Working Alone

8. Moms with a Camera

And lots more ideas here

Sunday, November 17, 2013

How To: Christmas 3 Tier TuTu

Christmas TuTu Giveaway!
One Lucky Fan will Win
3Tier Christmas TuTu

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Dont forget to enter your PIN IT onto the Rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It is that most wonderful time of the year again.
And time to take those beautiful Christmas photos for your Christmas cards.
Nothing is more whimsical and elegant
than a
3 Tier TuTu.
Here I will show step by step
how to get the most fluffy and full
3 Tier TuTu EVER!

I chose a more non-traditional color sceme
just because I fell in love with this beautiful fabric so much.

You can chose 3 different colors or just 1 solid color for your 3 tiers.
For this tutu, I chose
Rose Mauve for the bottom
Light Pink for the middle
Cream for the top 

I am making this tutu this tutu for my 9 year old
So make sure you measure the waist and length properly

For my longest length tutu, rose mauve color, I cut 60 inch strips. That makes a 30 inch tutu.
For the middle length tutu, light pink color, I cut 42 inch strips. That makes a 21 inch tutu.
For the shortest length tutu, cream color, I cut 24 inch strips. That makes 12 inch tutu.

How many strips to cut?
60 inch strips = cut 120 strips
42 inch strips = cut 60 strips
24 inch strips = cut 60 strips
Total strips = 240

**This is an approximate amount based on size of a 9 year old girl**
For girls or toddlers smaller, you might cut shorter and fewer strips

#1 Always steam fluff your tutu before photos to soften the tulle and make extra fluffy

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Creating Bokeh with Christmas Lights

This is year number 3 with my inspiration photo by

I have learned quite a few things in the past 3 years and have tried to develop my own style.
I do have to give this photo a ton of credit
because it is what inspired me to learn.

So lets start where it all began.
this photo


My first year (2011) with my new camera
this is what I ended up with

Then the next year (2012)
I tried this

Now we are in present day

This year I did my set up in a room with a bed and a large window

To edit the photos
I use
CoffeeShop PowderRoom 2
Florabella Actions
Bokeh Overlay Tutorial


My Favorite Black and White photos from 2013

Even though 2013 isnt over, this year has come and gone in a heart beat.
My three kiddos have grown so much this year.
It still amazes me that I was so very blessed.
As we wind down the year
I wanted to reflect on my favorite
black and white moments.
Next year we will be adding one more to the mix of craziness.
Lily Lee will arrive March 2014
Be prepared for so much more cuteness coming ahead.
I would like to thank all my followers and fans.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday!
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